V.I.P. Fitness specializes in one on one private Personal Training in Las Vegas, NV. We offer a fully stocked private gym to each client we train. No sharing equipment with impolite gym members. No waiting on your favorite machine. No overcrowded group fitness classes. No phony initiation fees or processing fees or towel fees. Our dedicated, professional staff is totally committed to the success of each and every member we work with. We offer: Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, Flexibility/Mobility Training, Nutrition Consulting, Lifestyle Change, and Health Education for a complete, highly effective program. V.I.P. Fitness was designed and built by an expert Personal Trainer/Kinesiologist after years of working with clients in Las Vegas and seeing firsthand what clients wanted, and needed, from a Personal Training facility. The result…an environment where everyone can succeed. An environment where success is all around you. You’ll know from the minute you enter our doors that this is not just another fitness center. This is the place where your potential will be fulfilled. All of the barriers that stood in your way before are gone. We work with all types of clients from beginners with no exercise experience all the way up to professional athletes and celebrities who rely on their physiques to earn a living. Our staff is ready to exceed your expectations. Everyone is welcome at V.I.P. Fitness. Our trainers define excellence in the field and lead by example in everything they do.  Each staff member is a legitimate expert in health and fitness and is backed by a college degree in a fitness related field, multiple nationally recognized fitness certifications, and years of full time Personal Training experience. Don’t put your safety on the line by hiring an uneducated trainer. Trainers who do not study Exercise Physiology often teach incorrect techniques and don’t even understand why. They just imitate things they have seen and do not understand how the body works.

 Our facility is totally private and there are no distractions, no disruptions, and no excuses for not getting a great workout every time you come in to train. Fitness is our passion as well as our business and we want you to see and feel the difference. Don’t get lost, or ignored, in the crowd at the group fitness classes. Be a leader and achieve your goals here.

 We offer free consultations and we are more than happy to arrange a private tour and answer any questions potential clients may have.  Give us a call and begin exploring your potential today.


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V.I.P. Fitness 2912 Lake East Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117





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