Question: “Help! I’m trying to find a Personal Trainer in Las Vegas and I have no idea where to start, or what to ask, or what to look for to separate the good from the bad.”

  One of the most commonly asked questions that we receive at V.I.P. Fitness is, “How do I decide who will be the best Las Vegas Personal Trainer for me?” Anyone who does a Google search of the phrase, “Las Vegas Personal Trainer” will quickly be overwhelmed with listings from a wide variety of sources. You will see websites from individual trainers advertising under a business name or their own name. You will see ads from large health clubs. You will see advertisements from referral websites who want to do the searching for you. These sites charge fees for their services in addition to the trainers fees. You will see ads from organizations that promote and certify Personal Trainers, and many other types of industry related websites. So how can the average person sort through all of this information to find the best Personal Trainer for their unique needs? We recommend looking at the following key qualifications:

  Try to deal direct with a person or business in your area. Many referral services exist and their main goal is to create an enormous registry and take a percentage of your money and also the trainers money. These sites have very little knowledge of the trainers skills and have very little to offer in terms of screening or quality assurance.

  Look at the trainers qualifications. How long have they been in business? Do they have a business license? Do they have a legitimate location where they conduct their Personal Training sessions? Are they experts in their field with degrees, certifications, experience, and many satisfied customers? Do they possess the qualities of a good leader who can guide you to your goals? Do they communicate clearly and effectively in a way that you can understand and quickly grasp the concepts they are trying to convey? Read the content they have posted on their website. Do they write like an educated person? Don’t be fooled by misleading pictures of bodybuilders or women in skimpy bikinis. You are trusting your health and well being to this person.

  Another key factor to consider when hiring a Las Vegas Personal Trainer is professionalism. Many fitness trainers seem to think that showing up to train clients in a torn up tank top exposing their rippling muscles and latest tattoos is an acceptable dress code. Another problem with many Personal Trainers is that they are so wrapped up in checking their cell phone or Facebook or other social media that they can’t stay focused on providing you with a high quality exercise experience. Some trainers think that interrupting sessions to take personal calls or make plans with their friends or significant other is just fine. It’s not. These are all examples of unacceptable behavior that we hear about from clients who come in to speak with us about our services and their past experiences. We respect your time. Your workout is important to us and we want to maximize every moment we spend with you.

  Environment is also something that should be taken very seriously when choosing a Personal Trainer in Las Vegas. Some trainers have no location to work out of. They want to train you in the park, or your house, or at a public gym that you’ve never been to before. For optimum results it’s best to have a good, safe, well equipped location that can serve as the site for your training. If you have high quality equipment in your home it can be a great place to train if you have a reputable trainer who has passed a background check. If you familiarize yourself with a new gym that can be a good option too. Make sure you do your homework and see where the trainer is proposing to do your training before you make any commitment and always try to see what other options may be available.

  A common complaint we hear about Personal Trainers, and large gyms, is that many of them want you to agree to auto debit your credit card with long term contract agreements that offer no refund or recourse to you if any type of problem should arise. Speak with the trainer up front about cancelation policies, refund policies, vacation policies, time limits on sessions, etc…Read the member agreement they present to you as these policies must be in writing so there is no dispute later. Giving someone access to your credit cards or banking information can be a bad move unless you have established a very high level of trust with the trainer/business.

  There are many outstanding Personal Trainers in Las Vegas with a little knowledge and understanding of what to look for you can find the perfect match for your needs and have a wonderful experience that will change your life.

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